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You Are Your Father’s Daughter

on January 9, 2013

On Saturday, Abigail was invited to a very special day. Her friend, Avery, was turning seven, and for her birthday, she and Abigail got to go with Avery’s mom for a girls’ day out that would leave any female, young or old, feeling envious. They got to lounge in pink butterfly-shaped chairs while getting manicures and pedicures. Then they went to Toys R Us where they each got a new stuffed animal. They went out to eat, complete with ice cream sundaes, and then went back to Avery’s house for cake and ice cream.  I’m pretty sure it trumped Abigail’s own 7th birthday, which was just a few weeks ago, even in Abigail’s eyes.  I mean, what a day!

This was the first time that Abigail had been away from us with a friend all day.  She has been to friends’ houses to play before, but has never gone for a day out without us along.  Of course, this is when every mother begins to think, What if she forgets everything I ever taught her?  What if she burps and doesn’t say “Excuse me”? What if she never says “Please” or “Thank you” the entire day?  What if Avery’s parents wonder who the barbarians are who have raised this girl for seven years?

So, in the car on Friday, she got The Talk. The Talk that drills everything into her little brain one more time so she can never say we didn’t tell her.  “Remember to say ‘Please and Thank you’ A LOT”…”Be Nice!”….”Be Polite!”….”Say ‘excuse me’!”….”Remember how we’ve raised you!!”  Of course, to all of these admonitions, I received several exaggerated, “I KNOW, Mommy! You’ve told me that a hundred times!”

(And I think she did fine….unless Avery’s mommy just didn’t want to tell me the truth.)

I just wanted her to understand, especially as she gets older, that she represents us as a family. She is not her own. She is one of us! Many principles are taught to us first by our parents, so that someday we will follow God’s principles in the same way.  I pray that she is learning what it means to follow our principles, our “family rules”.  As she grows in this knowledge, hopefully she will also understand what it means to represent Jesus….even when her Mama isn’t there.



One response to “You Are Your Father’s Daughter

  1. Lori Green says:

    One major lesson taught by my parents was that the older siblings in our home are to be godly examples to our younger siblings. We can either be a good influence or a bad one. Just through the simple example of our actions we are helping shape our siblings’ lives. The Lord has given big sisters a special role. Not only are we an example to our younger siblings, but daughters of the King.
    “Have you ever noticed how younger girls always look up to those girls who are older then themselves? Little girls always want to be accepted by older girls, they want to spend time with them, and most importantly… they always look up and imitate those who are older then themselves.
    When I was younger and still to this day, I choose my role models and have since looked up to them and tried to follow their godly examples. I am overjoyed when I see my role models living godly lives and when I see the blessings God sends their ways.Today, as I have grown older I have begun to see the role model I have become in the lives of some of my little friends. It is sobering to think about the effect I may have upon multiple lives and perhaps upon generations.
    In a peer-dependant society, we have learned to rely on those who are our own age. But in a Biblical covenant community, the younger go to the older and wiser for a godly, mature example and for godly advice. “Tell older women to live their lives in a way that shows they are dedicated to God….to be examples of virtue. In this way they will teach young women to show love to their husbands and children, to use good judgment, and to be morally pure…” (Titus 2:3-5)GW
    I have been so impacted by several older ladies who have taken their time to befriend me. Their lives have been examples I now strive to follow. The influence we have on those younger than us is so great; we often underestimate the witness and godly example we could be for Christ’s glory.

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