Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. Proverbs 4:23

Looking for Love

on February 5, 2013

Genesis 29:18, 20

18 Jacob was in love with Rachel and said, “I’ll work for you seven years in return for your younger daughter Rachel.” …….. 20 So Jacob served seven years to get Rachel, but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her.
February is the month of LOVE. I guess most of us think of love in the romantic sense, like the scripture above.  Jacob took his love for Rachel seriously.  It was not some fly by night infatuation.   No sir.  He knew in his heart she was the woman for him and he was willing to do what needed to be done to have her in his life. He worked for seven years to get Rachel, but his love was so strong and deep for her, it only seemed like a few days to him.
Seven Years!  To me this seems like a long time to work, but he was passionate about his goal so the time flew by.
When I read this I was a child in my walk with God.  I fell in love with Jacob.   I was head over heals!  I knew that I wanted to have this very same love and devotion showered on me someday. 
And I prayed for it.   I was sure that this kind of love would be mine someday.  There is was – in black and white in the Bible – God’s Word.  I felt a twinge in my heart when I read it and knew with every fiber of my being that this would come to pass. 
Bunny Trail Alert:
I’m going to share a little background that many of you know, but some may not.  I am adopted.  I don’t remember ever not knowing I was adopted.  I was adopted at a time where there were no open adoptions, but my parents did a terrific job letting me know that I was loved by all that were in my life, and by the birth mother that was not.  They explained to me that I was not given up because I was not wanted, in fact I was very much wanted.  They were sure that my birth mother loved me so much that she had no other choice to put me up for adoption.  They said she knew she would be unable to care for me, but someone else could.  So instead of keeping me to herself, she allowed them to adopt me because it was the best thing for me.  (See, it was all about me.) And if that wasn’t enough to make my little ego swell, they also told me that I was special because I was chosen.  Yep, those of you that aren’t adopted, your parents were just stuck with you.  Bless your hearts. 
It is because of this I was sure I would have a love like no other in my marriage.  That and the fact that I was a Daddy’s girl whose Daddy doted upon her.  (Aaron would say I’m bragging, but I’m just being real.  I was an only brat and I enjoyed it.)
Fast forward to my first marriage.  The minute I fell in love, I believed it was for life.  I had preconceived notions of what my marriage would be like, how my husband would treat me and was convinced that Jacob’s devout love for Rachel would be mine for life. 
Since I said “first marriage”, I think you know it was not that way.  I was so wrong.  I hadn’t consulted God about any of it.  It was all what I thought, what I wanted …….me, me, me.  It quickly fell apart.  The relationship became emotionally and physically unhealthy. 
Part of me was glad to be out of it.  Part of me mourned for what might have been even though I left it.  Part of me resented my dream being dashed.
Didn’t God speak to me – promise me?  Didn’t he want for me to be happy?  Didn’t he want me to know love?  Isn’t love what he’s about?  Why would he want to deny me love?
He did speak to me.  He did promise me.  I didn’t listen to his message.  
His message to me had nothing to do with my future husband.  It have everything to do with His love for me.  His message was John 3:16. 
I could see it all in retrospect.  God loves us wholly and completely.  It is not another person that completes us or fills us up- it is Him.  As the song says, I was looking for love in all the wrong places.  I was looking for a person, clothed in sinful human flesh to fulfill my needs.  It will never happen.  Two wrongs (people with sinful nature) can never make a right.  But one person, with a God bigger than the universe to repair them, can be spectacular! 
I challenge you to look up references to God’s love for us in the Bible.  There you will find fulfillment.  You will find that he has plans to give you hope and a future and that he wants to know your every desire.  He wants all of you and He is ALL you will ever need. 
You are loved sweet sisters! 
Never doubt it for a minute. 
Blessings & Hugs, Elizabeth
PS – If you want to delve deeper into God’s love, join us for a Girl’s Night Out this Friday!  5:30pm at the church parking lot – be there or be square.  And I better not hear of anyone saying it’s for the “young” people, because it’s not.  It’s for all of us. Got it?  Good. 🙂  And I love you all. 

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